The March of Dimes Foundation is hosting a community baby shower in Bryan College Station this weekend.

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- A tree dedicated to the memory of Beatle George Harrison, whose solo career included the hit "What is Life," has met a grisly end to its life from the jaws of voracious bark beetles.

A pine stump now lies a few feet from a p

A recent surge in reports of illnesses due to the parasite Cyclospora has prompted the Texas Department of State Health Services to begin an investigation into the infections in hopes of determining a common source.

A College Station man is behind bars after he used counterfeit money multiple times at the same fast food restaurant.

DONETSK, Ukraine (CNN) -- Two Ukrainian military jets were shot down Wednesday in the eastern part of the country, where pro-Russian rebels have fought against government forces, a Ukrainian military office said.

The pilots ejected, the office s

It was a terrifying situation in a Texas border town as authorities exchanged gunfire with a murder suspect.

Kaufman County has refused to house the undocumented children who have crossed the border.

Nine deputies will receive $2 million after a lawsuit was settled in commissioners court on Tuesdays.

A Bryan man has been sentenced to prison for making meth in a school zone.

Randolph Miller pled guilty to possessing less than one gram of meth.